Henna is a safe, all natural, temporary tattoo.

Have your friends over for a henna party,
and everyone will be able to relax and take home a henna tattoo!

About Henna/Mehndi

Mehndi is the art of applying henna to the body. Henna is a paste made from the
crushed leaves of the henna plant. Henna has been used to adorn the body for
thousands of years in many cultures, and it is considered to bring good luck and
good fortune to those who wear it. Henna parties throughout time have been
given to mark special occasions in one's life. Today many people have henna parties
for Wedding showers, Company picnics, Baby showers, Graduation and Birthday
parties, Girl's night out or just for fun!

How to care for your tattoo:

*For the best tattoo, keep your skin moisturized for several days before your appointment.
On the day you are getting your tattoo, make sure the skin is clean and do not wear any lotions
or creams
on the area where you are getting your tattoo.

* Henna tattoos will last from 1 week to 3 weeks, depending on your own pH,
where it is on the body and how well you take care of the tattoo.
Designs on
the hands and feet will be darker than those on the torso or head.The closer
to the heart, the lighter the stain

* Your henna artist will apply the henna as a paste to your skin. The paste should
stay on the skin for 4-24 hours. The longer the paste stays on the skin, the darker
the stain will be and the longer your tattoo will last.

*Stay warm while you have the paste on. Exposing heat to the paste helps to intensify
the color of the tattoo. Warm your skin in the sun, over a heater or with steam over a stove.

* Take the paste off by rubbing it off, NOT by washing it off. You can rub oil into
the paste and wipe it off with a tissue or use a butter knife or laminated card.

* The stain will be an orange color when you remove the paste, and it will turn to
a very dark brown over the next 3 days.

* You want to keep water away from the skin for the life of the tattoo!
Chlorine will ruin your tattoo. Rub your henna/mehndi with natural vegetable oil
before bathing such as Olive oil, Shea Butter, Coconut oil. Put a small bottle of oil by your
shower so that you remember to put it on before you shower every time. Avoid using
any petroleum products such as baby oil or Vaseline on your tattoo. Avoid swimming pools
and hot tubs as they can take the henna off right away. You can carry a natural lip balm
with you during the day and use it to protect the design.

* Please do not use lotion on the tattoo area as this will cause your henna to fade.

* Avoid excess rubbing of the area. Keep in mind that frequent washing, soaps,
alpha-hydroxy products, exfoliation products, sunscreen, and the rubbing of
clothing and shoes on the design will cause your henna design to fade more quickly.

* It is very important that the henna artist you choose uses only natural henna.
Make sure your henna artist is not using chemical henna! Real henna will always turn
orange on the skin the first day and turn a darker brown over the next 3 days. If your artist
tells you the stain will be immediate DO NOT get the tattoo.
Black or chemical henna is not real henna!
It is toxic, and it can cause life long health problems and scarring.

At Henna Tattoos Dallas, we use all natural, safe, nontoxic ingredients including henna,
lemon, sugar and essential oils.

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